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"This challenge is to the death, remember?"
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i started some shit in the vikings fandom today apparently lmfao

anyway i wanna do something short and


but betsy doesn’t do cute wtf even

but yeah if you like vikings and you like playing some cool kind of guys my friends and i are looking for a king horik and a king ecbert apply within or w.e (we have an amazing floki there’s a gr8 ragnar and a lags and an aslaug and a helgaaaa we almost have a lot of the main-ish folks save for rollo and siggy tbh)

I haven’t even been back a day and you want me to what exactly?

Anonymous whispered : [Warren pre-X-Force] Newborn meme: The last thing Warren expected coming back from Colorado was seeing Betsy back from her own mission, with a newborn in her arms. The warmth and openness in her expression, something usually reserved for a small handful of others, was so clear in that moment that he felt his heart skip a beat at the thought of Betsy holding a small blond newborn with her eyes and his nose. "I haven't been gone that long, have I?" He finally asked, stepping closer to the pair.

Betsy let out a quiet laugh, a fingertip still gently tracing along the newborn’s brow. “You would have known long ago if there was something like this happening, angel.” The newborn tilted his head towards her finger once it stroked down his cheek and with puckered lips, continued to chase it with a furrow until it was gone. 

She didn’t even need to ask before being handed the bottle sat on the small table beside her. The small smile widened imperceptibly as she felt Warren stand behind her, hands sliding to her hips as a chin rested on her shoulder to look down. 

         "Have you ever thought about this..?" she heard him ask, feeling a hand slide to her stomach. She was quiet for a moment, contemplative as she watched the newborn feed and soon fall asleep. 

"Yes..not today but…maybe one day." She could hear the pleased ruffling of feathers and smiled a bit as she felt his other hand join her stomach and a kiss pressed to her neck with the words I and love and you murmured into her skin.